Unfortunately, several dangerous and illegal trends are occurring among our youth, mostly on the social media app TikTok. 

The latest trend, known as "Devious Licks," is encouraging students to commit vandalism and steal from their schools. Unfortunately, Beebe Schools have fallen victim to this trend in recent days. Below are just a few images of our newly renovated Jr. High bathrooms that had to be closed due to excessive vandalism. 

Soap dispensers have been ripped out of the bathrooms, red dye staining toilets, tile, and basins, paper towel holders, and toilet paper destroyed. 

This behavior is illegal and will not be tolerated. Increased measures are being taken to stop these acts and identify those responsible. Vandalism and theft carry stiff consequences. Law enforcement will be notified when applicable, and students will face school disciplinary action.

Parents, we urge you to talk to your kids. Please have these important conversations with your student and emphasize the seriousness of this situation. 

Students, consider the consequences of these actions, not only for yourself but for those around you. This will have long term effects. We encourage ALL of our students to speak up and stand up against those who feel the need to commit such acts of vandalism. Report any known occurrences to school authorities. 

School leaders should not have to divert their attention from teaching and ensuring the safety of our students to investigate these deplorable acts. Furthermore, our building maintenance and custodial teams are already doing everything they can to keep our campus in top condition. They do not have the man power nor the means to add these repairs to their list.   

We appreciate your support and partnership in helping us put a stop to this disgraceful behavior.