Military Families Support Page

The Beebe School District is committed to acknowledging, supporting, and providing resources to our military families.  We know there are celebrations and sacrifices made daily for those who choose to serve our country and we appreciate the willingness to do so.  

It is our goal to support all of our military families here at Beebe School District any way that we can.  Below you will find contact information, resources, and school activities that aid in us reaching that goal.

District Military Support Contact Information



Phone: (501) 882-5463


Amanda Lewis

District Military Liaison

ext 1010

Jennifer Curtis

Beebe Early Childhood Counselor

ext 1099

Melissa Brown

Beebe Elementary Counselor

ext 1251

Jaymie McAfee

Beebe Elementary Counselor

ext 1251

Cari Rector

Beebe Middle School Counselor

ext 2008

Tiffany Crafton

Beebe Junior High Counselor

ext 1056

Paige Pruitt

Beebe High School Counselor

ext 1067

Cheryl Nesler

Beebe High School Counselor

ext 1067

Rachel Wisdom

Beebe High School Counselor

ext 1067

Activities to Honor Military Families:

*Additional activities coming soon!

  • Freedom Run - November 11th

  • Veterans Day Programs - November 11th

  • Military Nights for Sports Events (Show a valid Military ID for you and a guest to receive free admission!):

    • September 1st - Jr. Football

    • September 9th - Sr. Football

    • September 13th - Sr. Volleyball

  • Month of the Military Child - April