The Virtual Academy is offered to students in Grades Kindergarten through 12th Grade who feel that learning from home is their best option at this time.

Enrollment Requirements

In order to enroll in the Beebe School District Virtual Academy, students and parents must be able and willing to adhere to the following:

1. Commit to enrollment in the Virtual Academy for at least one semester.

2. Meet with the district’s virtual administrator either virtually or face-to-face at the 4.5 week mark of every quarter to monitor progress.

3. Have and maintain reliable internet access at your home throughout the duration of student’s enrollment in the Virtual Academy.

4. Have an awareness of what courses are offered through the Virtual Academy and understand that not all courses which are offered on campus will be available through the Virtual Academy.

5. Understand that students who are not on grade level, need professional intervention, or special services may elect to participate in the Virtual Academy but are best served by an onsite school environment.

6. Understand that Virtual Academy students will be expected to complete mandated standardized testing on campus. The district will provide an alternate testing location that allows virtual students to remain socially distanced from others.

7. Provide student’s own transportation to any on campus activities that he or she needs to attend (meetings, testing, etc).

8. Attendance is expected daily. Any student who does not complete work within 3 days will be counted absent.

Guidelines and Procedures

1. District Virtual Administrator: Dr. Brandy Dillin. Students and parents can expect communication from Dr. Dillin regarding the program, meetings, and all pertinent information.

2. The Virtual Academy will be open to any student enrolled in the Beebe School District in Grades Kindergarten - 12th Grade.

3. Although not required, recommended virtual student characteristics include the following:
- Self-motivated
- Independent Learner
- Computer Literate
- Good Time Management
- Effective Communicator
- Personal Commitment
- Academic Readiness

4. Beebe School District will provide a school-owned chromebook to students who enroll in the Virtual Academy. Students and parents must sign the district chromebook agreement before the device will be issued.

5. Virtual learning will look different depending on the student’s grade level.

6. Virtual students in Grades Kindergarten through 8th Grade will be serviced by Beebe School District teachers. Virtual content will be provided through Google Classroom. Live Google Meets will be conducted daily but also recorded and posted so that students who are unable to join live can access the content.

7. Virtual students in Grades 9-12 will receive their services through virtual providers.

8. A virtual course handbook will be provided to students in Grades 9-12. They will meet with district staff to enroll in the courses they will need to stay on track for credits and graduation.

9. Virtual Academy students will be allowed to participate in extracurricular activities.

10. High School students who enroll in the Virtual Academy will still be eligible for honor graduate status and class ranking awards.
10. Students who require special services may come on campus to receive their services. If specialized transportation is required, the district will provide it.

Virtual Testing

K-12 virtual students are required to come to campus for testing during the specified times for each building.  Students should bring their school issued Chromebooks and chargers. Students will remain socially distant in a designated area away from other students.  Please ensure your child wears a mask on the day of testing.   Additional information may be found by selecting the name of the building.  If you have any questions, please contact the building administrator listed below.