The Virtual Academy is a flexible yet effective, tuition-free online learning approach that is available to any public school student, Grades 7 - 12, whose preferred learning environment is virtual.


We recognize that virtual learning has become a viable and effective mode of education for many learners. We are happy to offer this option to Beebe School District students in 7th - 12th Grades. Read more about the Virtual Academy below.

  • 7th - 12th Grades: Virtual learning is offered via Virtual Arkansas. All instruction and course work is delivered by Virtual Arkansas teachers. The Learning Management System is Canvas, and the interactive video technology used is Zoom. Students will work with their counselors to enroll in the courses that meet their personal learning goals as well as adhere to Arkansas course credit requirements. Students may enroll in up to 3 courses on site. Virtual students are eligible to participate in extracurricular activities if they choose.


  • 2022-23 Virtual Academy Application - Open enrollment in the Virtual Academy is currently closed. Applications due to extenuating circumstances will be reviewed by the committee, and a district representative will contact you to let you know of your approval status.

  • School Choice:

    • If you reside in another school district and would like to enroll in the BSD Virtual Academy for the upcoming school year, you may complete a School Choice application by May 1st of the current school year.

    • After the May 1st deadline, you must complete a Petition for Transfer form and send to your residential school district. Once approved, it will be forwarded to the Beebe School District. Once approved, you will be contacted by Virtual Academy personnel to schedule an enrollment appointment.

Entrance Criteria:

  • Students who failed one or more virtual or onsite courses in the previous semester will not be eligible to enroll in the Virtual Academy for the upcoming semester.

  • Any student who did not complete state mandated standardized testing in the previous school year will be ineligible to enroll in the Virtual Academy for the upcoming semester/year.

  • District personnel have the right to deem a student ineligible for enrollment in the Virtual Academy due to their lack of success in a virtual or onsite learning environment in the previous school year.

  • Extenuating circumstances will be reviewed on an individual basis by the BSD Virtual Academy Executive Committee.

  • Although not required, recommended virtual student characteristics include the following:
    - Self-motivated
    - Independent Learner
    - Computer Literate
    - Good Time Manager
    - Effective Communicator
    - Personal Commitment
    - Academic Readiness

Transition Requirements:

  • Any student who exceeds the number of absences (8) per the handbook policy for the 1st semester will be required to transition to on site for the remainder of the school year.

  • Any student with a failing grade in any credit/core course will be required to transition to on site for the remainder of the school year.

  • Mandated transition due to failure to meet requirements (attendance, grades) will occur on an as needed basis.

  • Students/parents may choose to opt out of the Virtual Academy within 10 SCHOOL DAYS of the start of the semester or at the end of the quarter.

  • Any time a student transitions from virtual to on site (due to their choice or mandated return), they and their parents will be required to complete the Virtual Academy Drop Form.

  • Students may not re enroll in the Virtual Academy during the same school year after returning to on site.

Student & Parent Expectations:

  • Virtual students will adhere to all BSD Student Handbook and Virtual Arkansas Student Handbook Policies.

  • All LOCAL AND STATE mandated assessments will be required to be taken ON SITE at designated dates, times, and locations set by the district.

  • If approved for enrollment in the Virtual Academy, all students must attend an orientation session. Communication will be sent to approved students about dates and times of the orientation.

  • All virtual students must submit a Virtual Academy contract as well as all student handbook forms, which include a chromebook contract. Students will also submit a Virtual Arkansas Audio Visual Release Form.

  • It is HIGHLY recommended that students who enroll in the Virtual Academy have high speed, reliable internet service at home. In the event that a virtual student needs internet access, the district can provide a hotspot. However, there are barriers for students who use hotspots as their permanent internet source so this would only be a temporary solution.

District Services:

  • Devices:

    • All students will be issued a district-owned chromebook.

    • Calculators will be available for check out to all virtual students as needed.

    • Temporary hotspots are available to virtual students as needed.

  • Special Services:

    • Special Education courses and instruction will be delivered via Google Classroom by a Beebe School District teacher. Curriculum will parallel what is taught on site.

    • Virtual teachers will provide accommodations and/or modifications to students with IEPs or 504s as needed. The virtual Special Education teacher will ensure all special education students receive required special education minutes/services.

    • Therapy services will be available in person or virtually.

  • Gifted & Talented:

    • Beebe School District will follow all Gifted and Talented Program Approval Standards with virtual and face-to-face students.

    • Details about services for Gifted and Talented virtual students can be found here:

  • Mental Health Support:

    • 9-12 students will have the option to enroll in an advisory course to help them stay on track and maintain connections within the district.

    • School counselors will send out a Wellness Check Google Form once per week to all virtual students. Counselors will reach out to any students who do not respond to the form by the end of the week. Counselors will be available for individual and group counseling as needed.

Forms & Links:

Upon approval for enrollment in the 2022-23 Virtual Academy, the following forms will need to be submitted by the student and their guardian(s):

All applicable forms must be signed and submitted before classes start.

  • Virtual Arkansas Website

    • Visit this website for all Virtual Arkansas courses and resources information.

  • Virtual Academy Drop Form - This form must be filled out and submitted BY or UNDER THE SUPERVISION OF school personnel any time a student is transitioning from virtual to on site learning.

You may submit any questions you have about the Virtual Academy to