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THEY DID IT! The final numbers have been posted for the Scholastic Summer Reading Challenge...and BEEBE READERS topped 10,000 reading minutes this summer! Our final grand total is 10,273 MINUTES READ. WOW, way to go Beebe Readers! Beebe Middle School came from behind to win the total minutes read for our district with 3,787 minutes. Beebe Early Childhood took second place with 3,607 minutes read. Beebe Elementary posted an impressive third place finish with 2,879 minutes read. The classroom teachers whose students posted the most minutes included: Carranco, K. Simpson, Stinnett, C. Simpson, S. Davis, L. Davis and Money. Stay posted for photos of the students who posted the most summer reading minutes in their new BADGER BOOKMOBILE T-SHIRTS! WAY TO MAKE US PROUD, Beebe Readers!

We have ONE more week to FINISH STRONG. Let's AIM for 10,000 reading minutes. We KNOW our Beebe Readers can do this! Our district total for this week is 9,743 minutes read. WOW, that is just about all we can say, WOW! We are so proud of our Beebe summer readers! Beebe Early Childhood maintained the leading position this week with 3,607 minutes read. Beebe Middle School is picking up speed with 3,257 minutes read. Beebe Elementary has read 2,879 minutes this summer. FINISH STRONG, BEEBE READERS!!!

8092! Our Badger Readers continue to impress us with their summer reading minute totals! Our readers read an additional 1,130 minutes THIS WEEK! The leader of the pack for the second week, in a row, is Beebe Early Childhood, with an impressive 3,081 minutes read. Beebe Middle School is now in SECOND place, logging 2,602 minutes read and Beebe Elementary has a new total of 2,409 minutes read. SHOUT OUT to our classes, at each school, who have, to date, logged the most minutes: Carranco, K. Simpson, Wallace, C. Simpson, S. Davis, Lay, L. Davis and Money. KEEP READING, let's finish strong!

We have a NEW leader of the pack! Beebe Early Childhood has been gaining ground for the last couple of weeks and TODAY, they jumped out ahead of the pack! Beebe Early Childhood is our new leader with 2,451 minutes read! Beebe Elementary follows close behind with 2,389 minutes read and Beebe Middle has an impressive 2,122 minutes read. That brings our summer reading total to [drum roll please] 6,962 MINUTES READ! We have TWO more weeks to record reading minutes...let us finish strong! Leading classrooms this week are Ms. C. Carranco at Beebe Early Childhood, Ms. C. Simpson at Beebe Elementary and Ms. L. Davis at Beebe Middle. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK, BEEBE READERS!!!

YOU did it, readers! YOU crossed the 5,000 minute mark!!! Way to go Beebe Readers! Our grand total for the week is 5,312 minutes read. That is 873 NEW READING MINUTES. We have an up and coming superstar class from Beebe Early Childhood...drum roll please...Ms. Carranco's class with 350 minutes! Ms. Simpson's class from Beebe Elementary, is ROCKING with 860 minutes read. AND....still in the lead from Beebe Middle School is Ms. L. Davis' class with 1,115 minutes read.

8 minutes??? WHAT??? Beebe Readers were eight minutes shy of reading 1,000 minutes THIS WEEK! This brings our TOTAL reading minutes this summer to a massive 4,439. GOOD JOB, READERS! WATCH OUT Beebe Elementary and Beebe Middle Schools...Beebe Early Childhood is coming from behind! Our top classes this week are: Ms. Simpson, Ms. Zeigler and Ms. Wallace from Early Childhood; Ms. Simpson, Ms. Davis and Ms. Shuttleworth from Beebe Elementary; and Ms. Davis (with a HUGE lead) from Beebe Middle School. SHOUT OUT to Ms. Davis' class at Beebe Middle School...they've read 1,075 minutes by themselves! You are blowing us away, readers, keep up the terrific reading!

Drum roll, please! Beebe Readers have logged 3,487 reading minutes SO FAR this summer! That is over 58 HOURS of reading! WAY TO GO Beebe Readers! May I present a CHALLENGE to you? How about we try for 5,000 minutes before July 4??? 

Beebe Elementary logged 1,814 three leader classes are: Ms. S. Davis (594), Ms. C. Simpson (520) and Ms. A. Shuttleworth (185). 

Beebe Middle School logged 1,028 three leader classes are: Ms. L. Davis (705), Mr. Money (258) and Ms. Allgood (50). 

Beebe Early Childhood logged 645 minutes (over 400 of those minutes THIS week...way to pick up the pace Beebe EC) three leaders classes are: Ms. Simpson (182), Ms. Stinnett (135) and Ms. Zeigler (125). 

We are so proud of our Beebe Summer Readers! We are ALSO proud of our Beebe Literacy Leader Teachers and Community Leaders! Teachers have volunteered their summer time to read at Camp Beebe every single week this summer! Our readers this week were Meredith Howard, Ms. S. Owens and Ms. F. Stinnett. Thank you for being reading role models for our students!

Week 4.5 Update: I admit it...I HAD to sneak an early peek! Beebe readers, so far this week, have logged an additional 460 reading minutes [since Thursday (6-23)]!!! WAY TO GO Beebe readers! I cannot wait to check the totals again on Wednesday. Here is the breakdown: Beebe Early Childhood is leading the way with 185 NEW reading minutes, Beebe Middle School is coming in second with 175 additional minutes read and Beebe Elementary has logged 100 new minutes. We are so proud of our Beebe student readers! Keep up the good reading, BADGERS!

566??? Those are the minutes read and logged from JUST this week...which brings our GRAND TOTAL to 2,200 MINUTES! We have a little friendly competition going on at Beebe Early Childhood...Mrs. Stinnett's class edged into FIRST PLACE this week with 75 minutes logged. At Beebe Elementary, Mrs. Sheryl Davis' class remains the leader of the pack with 594 minutes logged! At Beebe Middle School, Ms. Davis' class also remains in the lead with 530 minutes logged. Beebe Elementary is still in FIRST PLACE, overall, with 1,129 total minutes read. KEEP UP THE TERRIFIC READING, Beebe Students!

It is time, once again, for our weekly Scholastic Summer Reading Challenge Minute count! Drum roll please...BEEBE STUDENTS came within a VERY few minutes of DOUBLING the reading minutes from last week...the GRAND TOTAL is 1,634 minutes read!!! WAY TO GO BEEBE STUDENTS! Here is the breakdown for our competitive readers: Beebe Elementary remains in the lead with 895 minutes read. Beebe Middle School is quickly gaining ground with 596 minutes read. Beebe Early Childhood logged an impressive 143 minutes. How about cheering for the following classes, from each school, which have logged the MOST summer reading minutes (so far)...Ms. Zeigler's Class, Ms. S. Davis' Class and Ms. L. Davis' class! Keep up the good work and HAPPY READING!

REMINDER: Here is the link to the website for logging your minutes:

Week 2 Update on Beebe Readers! Beebe students (grades Pre-K-6) have logged 826 reading minutes during the first two weeks of summer in the Scholastic Summer Reading Challenge! WAY TO GO Beebe Readers! Beebe Elementary remains in the lead with 590 minutes read, but Beebe Middle is picking up speed this week with 176 minutes read. KEEP READING! Each student received a unique username and password to login during the last week of school. The website to log your reading minutes is:

The Beebe Badger Bookmobile is getting ready to go on the road again. Please note that we will have an “A” week schedule and a “B” week schedule. Books may be checked out and/or returned at any location. Beebe Public Schools would like to express sincere appreciation to all community collaborators who have graciously granted permission for all bookmobile stops. Be watching the Beebe Public Schools website for a link to a weekly bookmobile blog, where our summer travels will be documented and shared with the community:

We are very excited to announce that we will be hosting programs at some of our bookmobile stops this summer. The programming schedule is a work in progress, but we need YOU! We are seeking volunteers to share your knowledge and experiences with our bookmobile patrons. If you have travelled extensively and have artifacts you could share, are a terrific storyteller, or have any other unique talents, skills or interests that you would be willing to share with our patrons, please contact Kay Calvert at or 501-882- 5463 X1042. Many dates are still available. We welcome volunteers who could join us for ONE stop, for ONE day, OR for multiple days. We know there is a wealth of knowledge and experience in our community and we would like to share it with, specifically, the students who join us at the bookmobile. Typically, over the summer months, we see a regression in the knowledge that our students gained during the previous school year. Let us all work together to ensure that Beebe students remain the best and the brightest!

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