Driver Education

Spring 2016

Driver Education will be offered this spring through the Beebe Public Schools. In order to enroll, the form linked below must be completed and turned in along with a payment of $175 to the High School 11-12 or to the High School 9-10 building. The deadline for enrollment is Wednesday, April 13th. Any student that wants to take the class will need to meet at 3:30 p.m., April 13th in the Badger Sports Arena classroom. At that time all the specifics of how to do the online portion of the class and the driving times will be set up. It is mandatory to be at that meeting! Students can bring their checks for the class at that time if you have not already paid by that time.

Classroom and Driving Information

*The classroom portion of the class will be all done online and at your pace. All online tests are to be completed by May 13th.

*Driving times will be scheduled when we meet on April 13th. You are required to have 6 hours of in car experience by law to receive credit for the class.

*You must have at least passed the written portion of the driver test to be eligible for Driver Education.

Driver Education Form