NHS Virtual Induction. Thank you Mrs. Tarkington & Ms. Deaton for making this happen even during a pandemic. #bprd #bhsyoubelong
8 days ago, Megan Churchwell
NHS Virtual Induction Pic 1
NHS Virtual Induction Pic 2
NHS Induction Ceremony Pic 3
NHS Virtual Induction Pic 4
Instruction is happening at BHS on this virtual day. #bprd #bhsyoubelong
9 days ago, Megan Churchwell
Mrs. White's Class
Mrs. Robinson'ts Class
Major Cathey's Class
Mrs. Brinkman's Class
Mrs. Dodge's Human Anatomy Physiology class did some yoga on Friday to help learn about the physiology of muscles stretching and firing.
14 days ago, Megan Churchwell
Dodge  Human A & P
A great night for football as the Badgers take on the Camden Fairview Cardinals in round one of the playoffs! #bprd # bhsyoubelong
15 days ago, Karla Tarkington
Good Luck to the Sr. High Football Team as they play Camden-Fairview in the 1st round in playoffs tonight. GO BADGERS!!! #bprd #bhsyoubelong
15 days ago, Megan Churchwell
Sr. Football Team
Congratulations to Justine Burch for signing her letter of intent to play softball for Henderson State! #bprd #bhsyoubelong
15 days ago, Megan Churchwell
Justine Burch
Mrs. Davis & Mrs. Wallace's classes enjoyed a popcorn party for winning the Red Ribbon Week door contest.
16 days ago, Megan Churchwell
Popcorn Party in Davis class Pic 1
Popcorn Party in Davis Class Pic 2
Popcorn Party in Wallace Class
Happy Veteran's Day to Mr. Mann, Chief Marsh, and Major Cathey! Thank you for your service.
17 days ago, Megan Churchwell
Major Cathey
John Mann
Chief Marsh
Mr Prothro’s Survey of Ag class learns the basics of woodworking, electricity, and welding. #bprd #Bhsyoubelong
17 days ago, Karla Tarkington
Survey of Ag
Thanks to Amanda Wallace for hosting today‘s Tech Tuesday on how to annotate using the Whiteboard app. #bprd #Bhsyoubelong
18 days ago, Karla Tarkington
Tech Tuesday
Mr Shipp’s Foundations of Sports Medicine and Mrs Dodge’s Med Procedures classes learn about wrapping and how to accurately measure height and weight. #bprd #Bhsyoubelong
18 days ago, Karla Tarkington
Shipp and Dodge
Tuesday's PLC group of teachers analyzing classroom walk-through data.
18 days ago, Megan Churchwell
11/10/20 PLC
The JH Badgers fall to the Gryphons in their season opener- 55-36. #bprd #bhsyoubelong
19 days ago, Karla Tarkington
JH Badgers trail at the end of the first quarter. 12-7 Gryphons. #bprd # bhsyoubelong
19 days ago, Karla Tarkington
JH Badgers
The JH Lady Badgers hold onto the win! Badgers 30 Gryphons 27! #bprd # bhsyoubelong
19 days ago, Karla Tarkington
The BHS Staff Trivia Winners from the past two weeks: Mrs. Channing and Nurse Kendra.
22 days ago, Megan Churchwell
BHS Staff Trivia Winners for Week 1 & Week 2
Mr. Stewart's Community Service class with help from Mr. Grant's 7th period class worked hard the past two days. They assited Mrs. Sandlin pack and transport the EC food drive items to the food pantry. #bprd #bhsyoubelong
22 days ago, Megan Churchwell
Community Service Class helping at EC Pic 2
Community Service Class helping at EC Pic
Community Service Class helping at EC Pic 3
Mrs. Davis's Life Fitness Nutrition class did yoga with Tara Walker today for Fit Friday and really liked it. #bprd #bhsyoubelong
22 days ago, Megan Churchwell
Yoga in Mrs. Davis 3rd Period class
Yoga in Mrs. Davis 7th period class
Beebe High School received a Community Grant from Walmart Distibution Center 6018! Thank you for your support!
24 days ago, Megan Churchwell
Walmart Grant
Mock Election at. BHS has begun!! A special thanks to Mrs Sanders and Mrs Poertner for giving our staff and students an opportunity to participate in this civic exercise! #bprd #bhsyoubelong
25 days ago, Karla Tarkington
Mock election 2020