Junior High Art
Junior High Art
Greg Stinnett
Tuesday, April 02, 2019

We won 7 of 8 possible awards out our Eastern Region Competition! We won every 7th grade award and the top 3 awards in 8th grade. The 1st place winners in each grade will advance to the State Show! 


7th grade- 1st place- Katie Young- Watercolor

7th grade- 2nd place- Katelynn Manning - Photography

7th grade- 3rd place- Angel Lamb- Marker 

7th grade- 4th place- Zane Fowler- Color Pencil 

8th grade- 1st place- Amara Garland- Linoleum Print

8th grade- 2nd place- Jasmine Vaughn- Marker 

8th grade - 3rd place- Henely Sanders- color pencil 

Lastly- Adonna Hale is pictured with her big check for her Grand Prize win in the Youth Art Month Flag Competition! 


Lisa Smith

Art Teacher