Student/Teacher Academic Reflection Day - During the school day, your child's teacher will reflect with the class the academic growth made during the month. Teachers may request supplies for the reflection day. (apples, cereal, popcorn, etc.) Students may not bring cupcakes, cookies or etc. on other days, unless specified by the teacher. The dates are as follows:

  • September 29th - STAR Day
  • October 31st - STAR Day
  • November 17th - STAR Day
  • December 18th or 19th - STAR Day
  • January 26th - STAR Day to Celebrate Completing 100 Days of School
  • February 14th - STAR Day
  • March 29th - STAR Day
  • April 26th - STAR Day
  • May 20th or 21st - Early Childhood Celebration - Party Day (Tentative)