McRae Shuttle Bus Service

Beebe Public Schools offers a school bus shuttle service for 5th-and 6th grade students that will attend classes on our McRae campus. The shuttles depart from the Beebe Campus at regular intervals between 7:15 and 7:35 every morning. There is a duty teacher on site to ensure that everyone gets to the shuttle buses safely.

If students ride a regular route bus, that bus will pick them up at their regular bus stop and drop them off at the shuttle drop-off point where they will then board a shuttle bus to McRae. Parents may also drop off students at the shuttle drop. In the afternoons, shuttle buses bring the McRae students back to the Beebe campus where they will then get off of the shuttle bus and board their regular route bus for the trip home. If you have any questions or concerns about the shuttle buses, please contact our Transportation Department at 501-882-5463x1200.

School Traffic Information

  • The drop/pick up area for Pre-K students will be on the South side of Beebe Elementary.  Pre-K parents will enter campus on Badger Drive and exit by way of the College Farm Road.
  • The drop/pick up area for Beebe Elementary Grades 2-3 students will be on the West side of the building. Parents will enter and exit by way of the College Farm Road.
  • The drop/pick up area for Beebe Elementary 4th Grade will be behind Central Office.  Parents will enter and exit by way of the road leading to Central Office.
  • Parents who drop off 11-12 students will enter campus on the road east of the Career Tech Center, drop behind the High School 11-12 and exit by way of Badger Drive. Pickup in the afternoon will be the opposite, enter on Badger Drive, circle the Junior High, pick-up behind the 11-12 and exit on the road east of the Career Tech.
  • Parents dropping off Junior High (7-8) students will enter on Badger Drive, drop behind the Junior High and exit on Badger Drive. In the afternoon they will enter on Badger Drive, pick-up behind the Junior High and exit behind the 11-12 and the road east of the Career-Tech building.
  • All High School 9-10 students will be dropped off and picked up behind the 9-10 gymnasium. Entry and exit can be by either Badger Drive or the road by the electronic sign.
  • The traffic pattern for the Early Childhood building will be the same as last year. There will be a separate drop area for Kindergarten and for First Grade students. (Please be aware that Holly Street is one way going South in the morning and one way going North in the afternoon. Railroad Street is one way going East in the morning and one way going West in the afternoon.)
  • The morning and afternoon parent traffic pattern for the Middle School at the McRae Campus will be: Take Graves Street and enter campus through the gate on the North side of campus, exit campus on the bus road going east to Highway 13.

Please note:

*The road in front of the 11-12 Building (California Street) will be gated and closed to through traffic.

*The road in front of the 9-10 Building will be closed to through traffic.

*In the afternoon Badger Drive will be closed when the shuttle buses arrive from McRae and will remain closed until the buses leave for the Early Childhood building.

*Gates will be closed on the road behind the Auditorium and Badger Arena in the afternoon while students are loading onto buses.

Please be alert to the times that streets are designated one-way. For the safety of all students please drop off/pick up students at designated areas.