Vanguard Academy Provides College Credits and Exposure for BHS Students

      At Beebe High School, students have various opportunities to advance their education beyond the traditional curriculum, including the chance to earn multiple college credits through Vanguard Academy. Vanguard Academy is a concurrent enrollment program provided through a partnership with ASU-Beebe. Through this program, students are able to prepare for the academic challenges of college by enrolling in ASU-Beebe courses either at Beebe High School or on ASU-Beebe’s campus before beginning full-time college studies. Located just across the street from the Beebe Schools campus, ASU-Beebe is a convenient option for students who wish to enroll in classes at both locations.   

      Beebe High School Counselor Cheryl Nesler explains, “The Vanguard program is our agreement with ASU-Beebe for our students to take college courses at a discounted rate. Our students can begin taking college courses (along with courses at BHS) to obtain college credits while still in high school beginning in the 10th grade.”  

      Beebe High School's current Vanguard core completion plan is as follows:  

       Beebe High School Junior James Berkheimer has been enrolled in the Vanguard program since he was in 9th Grade. He has taken multiple classes including science, history, and English courses through Vanguard Academy. After graduating next year, he will have all of the basic classes he needs to begin pursuing the major of his choice. James says that because the classes are more advanced than traditional high school classes, he feels prepared to complete his degree at whatever college or university he decides to attend.

      Beebe High School Senior Laken Ross has also been participating in Vanguard Academy since her freshman year. She was able to take four college credits during each of her 9th and 10th Grade years. “Last year, we switched to two credits per year if we weren’t sure of our major yet, so we wouldn’t end up taking classes that we didn’t need,” explains Laken. Some of the classes Laken has completed through Vanguard include U.S. Government, Biology, Oral Communications, Economics, and Freshman English I and II. The college Laken plans on attending, Kenyon College in Ohio, will accept all of the credits she has earned through Vanguard, so she will be ready to pursue her major in English and minor in Spanish when she begins her work there next year. Aside from the credits, Laken is thankful for the exposure she has had to the college class format, which has taught her important skills such as good note-taking strategies.  

      Students wishing to enroll in Vanguard Academy must maintain at least a 3.5 GPA as well as meet certain ACT and Accuplacer score requirements depending on the classes they want to take.

      Vanguard Academy in partnership with ASU-Beebe is one of the many ways that students are able to excel at Beebe Schools. If college is in your plans, check with us to learn how Vanguard can help you get a head start on your future!